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Checking the functions of the circuit boards modules for the position adjustment switches

Product description


  • The conductor boards modules in reflection versions have to be first of all.
  • Next, they have to be electrically and mechanically checked.
  • Measurement of the power/track on the sections controller from the circuit board.
  • Manual and automatic operation.


  • Quadruple rotary transfer automatic machine with arrangement station;
  • Sample adapter with quick change for the integrity of various versions;
  • Double contact pneumatic unit for the electrical connection of the circuit board electric connectors with the checking device;
  • Testing station with electrical connection unit for sample evaluation and dating with LIN diagnosis, determination of the short-circuits and equipment error, checking the presence of screws and discovering the hidden or non-existing PINs.
  • 2 operation stations, with X-Y linear axes systems, electrically operated, an electric rotary axis and a linear measurement axis for the sections controller operation.
  • For the automatic check of the functions by power sensors and travel transducer;
  • Security equipment with protection door monitoring and lock
  • EA Beckhoff system with bus coupler and industrial PC;
  • Machine programming with Labview and, simultaneously, evaluation of the measurement results and view on the screen, as tables or, optionally, as a diagram presentation;
  • Testing program building and samples selection
  • Network connection through LAN for operation data recording.

Additional Information



Electrical engineering and software

Beckhoff, LabVIEW

Measuring technology

Power - track measurement, Voltage measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Rotary transfer automatic machines

Testing system