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Checking the functions of position adjustment switches

Product description


  • The functionality of the seat adjustment switches must be verified and then they shall be engraved with a laser engraver
  • Verifying the symmetric (“mirror”) testing versions
  • Recognising the symbols on the switches
  • Recognising the screws
  • Automatic and manual functioning


  • V4 rotary transfer machine with insertion station. Adaptor for the object to be tested with quick change for taking over the various versions;
  • Unit with double pneumatic connection, to connect the seat adjustment switches with the testing device.
  • Testing station with electrical contact unit to discover the short circuits, as well as the PIN contacts that are bended or missing
  • Automatic verification of the functions (resistance, insulation and short circuit verification), as well as verifying that screws are not missing.
  • Image processing unit with dimming cap (camouflage), camera support with fine tuning for the X-Y-Z positions, external lighting and high resolution industrial cameras.
  • Laser engraving system integrated in a laser camera with connected absorption.
  • Security system with protection door surveillance and locking mechanism.
  • Beckhoff EA system with BUS EherCat and industrial PC
  • Machines programming with Labview with simultaneous processing of measurement results and on-screen view as tables or – upon request – as charts.
  • Making the testing program and selecting the testing versions.
  • Network connection through LAN and collection of operational data.

Additional Information



Electrical engineering and software

Beckhoff, LabVIEW

Measuring technology

Voltage measurement, Current measurement, Resistance measurement

Products area

Manual operation workstations, Rotary transfer automatic machines

Testing system